After stripping the chassis down and making the decision to scrap it and purchase a new one. The next jobs whilst waiting for the chassis was stripping down axles and refurbishing them. There comes a point I guess for most restorers, is far do you go when stripping down? For me, I had a couple of principles. I wanted to keep the Land Rover true to its original condition as it left the factory (mind you comfort upgrades can be very very tempting!!!). The other was to strip the Land Rover down for rust removal and repainting only unless there was something broken, rusted or leaking.

So……at the time (2005) i was more focused on getting the Land rover refurbished than maybe looking at the proper health of the parts. So i stripped down the axles to a point but didn’t pay enough attention to leaks which Im having to deal with now in 2019!

start stripping down the freewheeling hubs
Cleaning original parts and fitting new swivels and bearings
Not enough pics on before and after. To busy getting stuck in!! I used hammerite paint here and now learning that this will now to be painted with a more robust paint!
New Chassis delivered, etch primed, painted black (later to be changed for silver many years later) The rebuild included the addition of a new fuel tank. Looks cool, but should have kept it cleaner!!!

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