My inspiration to make my Land Rover Series 3 as good as I could make it

Well firstly welcome to my Blog. My blog is all about my journey and relationship with my Land Rover project restoration and using a blog to help motivate me to finish and learn something new.

Well my story started in 2004, when I thought about having a project to do. I had some talent with mechanical problems, I had a workshop which I could use free of charge and I thought it would be a nice challenge and learn something along the way.

  • Axles

    8th Sep 2019 by

    After stripping the chassis down and making the decision to scrap it and purchase a new one. The next jobs whilst waiting for the chassis was stripping down axles and refurbishing them. There comes a point I guess for most restorers, is far do you go when stripping down? For me, I had a couple… Read more

  • The breakdown continues

    26th Aug 2019 by

    One of the things I regret about the early stages of the project was not taking enough pictures!! At the time i thought? that i would be very quickly getting back into the items i had stripped. So for anyone out there doing a project, take loads of pictures, it helps so much when you… Read more

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